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Duy Tran is Compass Capital Corporation’s marketing intern

Duy Tran has joined Compass Capital Corporation as a marketing intern. He is a recent graduate from Suffolk University where he earned his MBA. Before moving to U.S. for his MBA degree, he had experience working with various telecommunication companies after graduating from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology in Vietnam with a Bachelors of Science degree (Electrical Engineering).

Duy Tran comes from VietNam which had been known as one of the poorest countries during Vietnam War. However, these days it is known as one of the fastest growing economies. In 2010, the nominal GDP reached $104.6 billion with nominal GDP per capita of $1218. According to a forecast in December 2005 by Goldman-Sachs, Vietnamese economy will become the 17th largest economy in the world with nominal GDP of $ 436 billion and nominal GDP per capita of 4,357 USD by 2025.

In order to catch up with the speed of the rapidly growing economy in Vietnam, he decided to pursue MBA degree in the US to extend his knowledge in the business world. After graduating, he was accepted for internship at Compass Capital Corporation where he has opportunities to collect experience in the financial world. Duy works with Tim Shanahan, CEO of the Compass Capital Corporation, and is learning how to work with customers, to implement and execute marketing strategies. Besides the Compass assignment, Duy Tran has a chance to collaborate with the leadership of Squantum Yacht Club – Quincy’s premier boating club. In his SYC assignment he is also helping to research, develop and execute a marketing strategy designed to increase membership which is the lifeblood of the clubs financial health.

Compass loses its founding shareholder

Todays Boston Globe reports the passing of our dear friend and founding shareholder, Tom White who made the startup of Compass possible by becoming its angel investor in 1984. My memories of this successful and humble man are typified in meeting him for lunch- not at a swanky white table cloth venue but at his desk with the PB&J that he made himself that morning before going to daily Mass. Tom had a special place in his heart for Haiti and was a founder of Partners in Health.
His story is amazing and has been covered by Time Magazine and the Boston Globe in 2004.
We miss you Tom and thank you for all you have done.