Second Quarter 2011 Market Overview & Debt Ceiling Commentary

Please view the link for the 4 minute video presentation regarding  Second Quarter 2011 Market Overview:

Also see the SEI commentary re U.S. Debt Ceiling: The Clock is Ticking By: Sean P. Simko Managing Director,

Conclusion: SEI Fixed Income Portfolio ManagementSEI’s Investment Strategies Group and SEI Fixed Income Portfolio Management share the opinion that failure to raise the debt ceiling prior to the deadline would likely have a significant, negative impact on the global economy, raising the potential of sliding back into recession.

Due to the severe consequences of late or no action by Congress, we believe an agreement will be reached by the prescribed deadline. While it would not be prudent to discount the possibility of default, we view the potential for such a scenario as being low. It is clearly in the best interests of the U.S. government to take all necessary measures to avoid missed payments or default due to the inability to raise the debt ceiling. Based on our current outlook, SEI’s portfolio managers do not view the debt ceiling debate as a reason to alter our portfolio positioning. We, along with the rest of the world, will watch and wait for Congress to do the right thing.

Full commentary and disclosures at

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