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Doing Good While Doing Well

Perhaps you could be a patron of the arts to help educate some Kenyan children. A thoughtful Christmas gift of art can help Compass client Stephanie Danforth – an artist and philanthropist from Martha’s Vineyard, to continue her personal mission to make a significant difference in the lives of Kenyan children.
Stephanie has been inspired to create and sell her art as a funding vehicle to sponsor education for some children in Kenya East Africa for over a decade now. The earnings from her art allow her to help in a personal way, to educate children whose parents may have been killed by AIDS or violence.  Her story was recently written up by Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and you can read it by clicking on this link.
Stephanie’s website which shows some of her work is at

The European Union’s ‘Fiscal Compact’—More of the Same

While the latest European Union (EU) framework for addressing the European Monetary Union’s (EMU or eurozone) government debt crisis should buy more time, it does not solve the underlying problems.

As a condition of the agreement, signatories agreed to consolidated oversight of national governments’ finances. But additional fiscal austerity in the near-term could exacerbate what appears to be a nascent recession in the eurozone.

The summit exposed some interesting political rifts, but we believe that current speculation on the euro’s inevitable demise is overdone.

For the entire commentary click here (4 pages)

Market Update December 9, 2011

SEI Weekly Market Update 12-9-11

As the year winds down we’re feeling the contagion of the euro issues in our markets with high correlation among asset classes. Follow the link for SEI’s Weekly Market Update through last Friday December 9th. Our usual optimism for a positive finish to 2011 is quickly evaporating. We take some comfort in the heavy allocation in our strategies to non-correlated absolute return funds.