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Anyone Can Be a Victim of Fraud

Be Aware of Fraud
from Finra Investor Education Foundation

Hundreds of businesses, agencies and organizations around the world—including the FINRA Investor Education Foundation—promoted the awareness, detection and prevention of fraud during international fraud awareness week Nov. 12 – 16. Go to the FINRA Foundation’s website for the tools and resources you need to spot and avoid financial fraud.

Video: Anyone Can Be a Victim of Fraud
Anyone can be a victim of fraud, like Steve Sampler—an educated stock broker who fell for an investment scam. Watch his story.                                     

3Q Quarterly Investment Review Tim Shanahan, Chief Investment Strategist at Your Trusted Financial Advisor, Compass Capital Corporation in Braintree Massachusetts provides an update on the global financial markets and their impact on our strategies. He also reviews our expectations for the remainder of the year.

As the end of the year approaches, we expect to see a continuation of the volatility, high asset class correlation and the “risk on/risk off” unpredictable markets that we have seen since the start of 2012. This environment provides the perfect opportunity for investors to make sure their goals and their portfolios are well aligned.
The Compass Investment Committee will continue to look to balance the complexities of the global economic environment and the underlying fundamentals within each asset class. The more than 100 investment managers we work with represent what we view as some of the best thinking in the global marketplace, and we will continue to take active steps to position our portfolios based on near-term and long-term market conditions.

Shadows, Externs and Interns

Over the last three decades, Compass has had a number of interns from local colleges as well as from the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) program. Sometimes the internships  are short and are called “shadowing” or externships as the student is supposed to follow me throughout my day and experience “what it’s like in the real world of our business”. I usually begin shadow days with an apology because watching Tim open and reply to the huge number of emails that I get is not really an enriching spectator sport. Sometimes shadowing can be actually pretty cool as we include the student on a total immersion basis in meetings to which they otherwise would have no access. Deals getting done, advice being given, portfolios being constructed and all the details of operating a business are exposed to them for their digestion- we just set the table. Sometimes we get some actual work done by the student. Most of the time it’s an investment of our time with little immediate payback – but we keep a bigger view of it.

What goes around often comes around – hopefully when my kids need one. Sometimes our intern is a clients son/daughter. Sometimes it’s a relative of mine as was the case this past summer when my nephew Kevin Walsh a senior at Stonehill College majoring in business/finance came and worked with us. We managed to keep Kevin busy and I suspect he learned a few things of value.

Attached is a link to a recent article in the Suffolk University Alumni Magazine which features SU undergrad Chapaatou Oumarou from Niger Africa who shadowed me for a day or so last year.