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Fiscal Cliff & Tax Planning Strategies for 2013

The elections having passed, and with year end rapidly approaching, we are now bombarded daily with the new-old news of the “Fiscal Cliff”.
We could run a workshop for you but the next three weeks seem so very busy for everyone that just delivering the message with no ads and no waiting seems preferable.

Our strategic partner SEI Trust has created an excellent presentation to cover the topic and it includes the advice I’d be giving you to consider if I were to do this in person.
Please reserve 20 minutes for this presentation which covers: The Fiscal Cliff – what is it and how did we get here?  It considers three likely scenarios:

  1. Bipartisan compromise
  2. Decision postponed
  3. Over the Cliff
Finally it suggests what you can do in view of these possibilities. See our brief summary of our Tax Planning Strategies for 2013.

I hope you find it useful


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