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Get to Know Us–Robert Fogarty, Compass Capital Trusted Financial Advisor

Get to Know Rob Fogarty
by Guest Blogger, Susan Scheide

When I came back to work at Compass Capital in the year 2000, the only person I knew well was Tim Shanahan.  When I first worked for Tim in 1984, there were only three of us; Tim, Ken Smith, and me.  By 2000, the company had grown and there were lots of new people for me to get to know.
One of them was Rob Fogarty.  Rob was working out of his Bridgewater home at the time, so I didn’t know him well at all.  I remember that when he called, if I happened to answer the phone, he’d always say, “This is Rob,” to which I would reply, “Rob who?”  You see, I have a brother Rob, and at the time my landlord’s name was Rob.  Rob thought it was strange I didn’t recognize his voice I think, and I thought it was strange he would think he was the only Rob I knew!
That all changed on September 11, 2001.  I was sitting in my little corner of the hallway (which was my domain in that particular office space) and the phone rang.  I happened to be the one to answer it.  It was Rob.  Calling to tell us that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center.  I think I said something like, “You’re kidding?” and I remember that I was imagining a small Cessna type craft with a pilot woefully off course, not a jumbo jet deliberately steered into the tallest building in New York. 
The rest of that day was stressful for us. We had no television in the office, so we were glued to our computers reading everything we could as it unfolded.  Fighter planes were flying over Boston that day.  It was very frightening.  A simple twist of fate, that I picked up the phone when Rob called, guarantees that as long as my mind is sound, I will never forget Rob Fogarty.
Rob will be celebrating 20 years with Compass Capital this year, so we decided to feature him in our series of “Get to Know Us” profiles.  Rob was good enough to write out a lot of interesting stuff, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Rob and Inky
Born the same year as me, 1961, in Walpole, Massachusetts, Rob describes himself as a, “Typical all around American boy growing up, played most sports, rode my bike everywhere including to my baseball games with my mitt and bat across my handlebars.”

Rob loved to draw, build models, and create things with his hands using just about any kind of tool.  The Fogarty family lived next to a town forest where Rob and his friends played for hours, camped, built forts and skated the local pond in winter.

Rob says that, “Money was more than tight in a large Irish family, so I knew growing up If I wanted to get anyplace I had to make college happen on my own… with good grades and hard work.”  That’s the kind of work ethic we really appreciate at Compass Capital.

Rob and his wife Kim have been married for 21 years. They have two teenage boys, and two cats. Rob is a devoted family man, involved with his boys in their activities and sports. He continues to enjoy the great outdoors, working out, eating right, and also an occasional game of chess.

Rob graduated in the top 10% of his high school class, and put himself through college.  He paid for  100% of his tuition and expenses, working at building houses all summer, and taking full credits 3 days per week so he could work the other days.  That’s certainly an accomplishment to be proud of!

After college, Rob broke into the financial field working several years for a large national firm, became securities licensed; and eventually moved on to start his own independent advisory firm.

His first year in business he purchased a home, married his wife Kim, started his own RIA, and passed 3 CFP courses. It was quite a year! 

He later complete his educational Diploma from the College of Financial Planning, and also joining Compass.

Rob had this to say when asked about being a Trusted Financial Advisor:

As Financial Advisors we literally guide people through their financial lives:  From early marriage and houses, to parenthood, college funding, marrying off children, retirement, grand parenting, and yes; unfortunately to the sometimes harsh realities involved with winding down life.
We navigate people through the simple and the complex.    I consider myself a very insightful,  well rounded, experienced and seasoned advisor, with a caring reputation for guiding my clients as they live through the fabric of their lives. People count on us for applicable knowledge, financial wisdom, and support. I am a proud “Trusted Advisor” of Compass Capital Corporation.
The Fogarty Family at The White House

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