Our Favorite Smart Phone Apps

By Guest Blogger, Susan Scheide

It wasn’t long ago that Tim Shanahan was adamant that he wanted a mobile phone to make phone calls, and nothing else. I had a little flip phone, and I barely knew how to use it because I have very little need for a mobile phone. It was our own Susan Weschler, Operations Manager for Compass Securities,  who blazed a trail into the world of the smart phone here at Compass. And now, most of us don’t know how we ever lived without them! I still don’t use my phone as a phone very often, but boy does it come in handy for so many other things.

Susan Weschler photo

Susan Weschler, Operations Manager

Here are some of our favorite apps, and why we like them.

Android Phone Based Apps
Tim Shanahan
1. The most useful app I have is WAZE- a socially networked navigation program. Now owned by Google and integrated into Google maps. WAZE doesn’t just give you maps and directions, it allows users to report things like police activity, traffic jams, and road debris. Very useful if you want to avoid those things.

2. Camscanner and also Google Drive- it allows me to send pdf copies of articles to anyone without clipping it out and putting it into a scanner. I can personally attest to the usefulness of Camscanner, as Tim has sent me several newspaper articles from our local Canton paper because he knows I don’t subscribe to it.

3. Google Keep- it replaces Post-It notes for the many, many things I have to do that are not part of my calendar. Also use it for a shopping list.

4. KeyRing- replaces all those key tags and loyalty cards like My Lowes, etc.

iPhone Apps
Susan Weschler
Susan writes, “Where to start? Ok here are 3 of my favorites, all freebies!”

1. Flipboard-can be customized by information category; new, business, shopping, sports, etc, to read articles you’re interested in.

2. Toodledo-Cross-platform app that synchs with your phone/computer task list. Especially helpful to schedule recurring tasks, reminders. She says she would be lost without it.

3. Evernote-Another cross-platform app that synchs with phone/computer: Designed for note taking and archiving (think scanning documents as PDFs and storing them.) A “note” can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook.

Susan Scheide
I admit that my phone is primarily used for personal business, not work, so the apps I’ve picked as favorites are more useful for home life than as work aides!

1. The Walgreens App—Scan your prescriptions to order refills in seconds! So much faster and easier than calling the pharmacy, pressing the right series of numbers to get the refill line, keying in your prescription number, etc. I can get a prescription refill done in seconds. And I’ve set this app up so that I get a text message when my prescription is ready for pick up!

1. The Bank of America App—This one is only useful to those with Bank of America accounts, but I think most banks now have mobile apps. You can deposit checks (smaller than $5,000) with your phone, transfer money between accounts, check balances, get a daily text message with your balance.

4. Foscam Pro—I use this with an IP (internet protocol—in other words, a camera that broadcasts picture through the internet) camera to spy on my dog and cats. I can view what is going on at home from anywhere. I initially purchased the camera to figure out a behavioral issue he was having. Now I know he sleeps ALL DAY.

5. moreBeaute2—An automatic photo editing app that makes you look AWESOME before posting those selfies! Instantly smooths out your skin, etc. You’ll look fabulous!

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite apps!

1 thought on “Our Favorite Smart Phone Apps

  1. Mary Hair Graham

    Thanks so much for these recommendations. I know I can use some of them and some I have already. A very helpful one will be the Foscam Pro – if I ever need to spy on 4 greyhounds. Evernote looks like it would be helpful, too. Thanks so much for sharing your favs. They might become mine, too!
    mary hair graham


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