#Robo800# vs Trusted Financial Advice

266a6-tim-with-coinsWe are in a highly personal relationship with our clients. You have given us a mandate to advise and consult with PERSONAL financial plans/advice and we implement with individual accounts and personalized investment strategies. The information we gather as part of our discovery process and learning to know our customer is so personal that it’s often not even shared with spouses or other family members – incomes, net worth, hopes, dreams and ambitions.

When you want to contact your trusted financial advisor at Compass – you actually get the advisor directly- not some nice millennial who answers an 800 number with a limited knowledge of you and limited knowledge of the subject matter. You get from us trusted financial advisors with experience and experience surviving multiple market cycles. Eat your own cooking? We do.  Our money is invested in the same strategies and assets as yours.

Our industry media is full of postings every day about the “rise of the machines” or “fin-tech” whatever that is. Since we’re in a very personal business you can rest assured that we’re not subbing you out to a robo-advisor/algorithm solution where you pay a small fee in return for a machine made asset allocation. Like most things in life, “You get what you pay for.”

How about “Don’t risk a lot for a little?”  If you have a substantial income or significant net worth and want advice in the many areas of financial planning and general financial advice that we handle – how will you get that from calling the 800 number and speaking to the robo-advisor/algorithm?

We know your name. We’ll either take or return your call. We’ll give you personal trusted advice from the wealth of experience that we offer with no products to sell you. If we can help please call 781-535-6083.

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